Visiting Update for Clontarf Private Nursing Home

Throughout the challenging Covid-19 process one of the most difficult issues has been the visitor restrictions for both our residents and their loved ones. We have received the HSE guidelines on nursing home visits and now that we met the criteria of being “Covid-19 Free” we are concluding arrangements to facilitate visits from Monday 6th July in line with the recommended guidelines. We will commence these visits with strict adherence with the guidelines in the continued safety interests of all residents, visitors and staff. The application of these guidelines will include a number of difficult but essential features.

  1. Distancing of 2m minimum must be maintained and unfortunately all contact with residents is obviously not permitted.
  2. There will be a screen between the visitor and the resident to prevent any droplet transmission.
  3. There must be only two nominated visitors over 16 years old for each resident and only one to attend during any one booking.  When you are booking your first visit please propose who the nominated visitors are.
  4. Visits are limited to 30 minutes and no more than one visit per resident per week.
  5. A member of staff will be present during all visits to ensure we comply with regulations.
  6. No gifts or items can be passed from visitor to resident at any time.
  7. Visits that are not booked on advance cannot be facilitated.
  8. Visits will run from 10am until 4.45pm Monday to Friday. This will be reviewed after 2 weeks.

All visitors must:

  1. Have a pre booked appointment and attend at the appointed time.
  2. Book your Visit at
  3. The visitor must give details of potential exposure to Covid-19 and have their temperature checked on arrival.
  4. Apply hand sanitising gel and wear PPE including mask and gloves which will be provided.
  5. Be aware that there are no toilets facilities available for visitors.
  6. Notify us if you are attending in a wheelchair or have assisted mobility requirements.
  7. Follow the signage and directions on arrival.

It is with regret that we have to mandate that these guidelines must be strictly adhered to but in Covid-19 circumstances dictate that we must ensure that safety comes first.  We would also ask for your continued cooperation and patience as it will take some days for all visitors who want access to be accommodated.

Although we would like to provide refreshments to visitors unfortunately we are not permitted to provide any food or refreshments.