Ratoath Residents visit Trim Castle

Silver Stream Healthcare group residents from Ratoath Manor recently had at the historical Trim Castle.

The residents spent the day exploring the heritage town of Trim and all its wonders, including the magnificent Trim Castle.

This monumental three-story keep with its 20-sided tower is a true gem of Irish heritage.

The castle has a rich history that dates back to the 12th century when it was built by Hugh de Lacy, a prominent figure in medieval Ireland.

Trim Castle has been the site of many battles and sieges throughout history and has been the setting for numerous films, including the iconic Braveheart.

Our residents were thrilled to explore the castle’s many features, from the castle keep and its winding staircase to the impressive view from the battlements.

What an incredible outing for our Ratoath Manor residents! They had lots of exploring to do in this historical and cultural gem.

We look forward to more outings like this and providing our residents with opportunities to experience Ireland’s rich heritage.

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