Experiences & memories from Trinity College Dublin

Journey Through Time: Mr. Richie Loane’s Trinity College Odyssey! ?️

Meet Mr. Richard (Richie) Loane, a cherished resident of Clontarf Private Nursing Home, whose life journey is intricately intertwined with Dublin’s oldest seat of learning, Trinity College. ?

Founded in 1591 by Queen Elizabeth I, Trinity College Dublin stands as a beacon of knowledge and tradition. Richie’s tale is a living testament to this history, as he shares his remarkable experiences working within the hallowed halls of this esteemed institution

Richie began working there on 20th October 1952 at the tender age of 19 years old.

He got his 1st job as a plumber’s mate through his best friend “Bobby Young”, who later became his brother-in-law when he married Richie’s sister. Richie remained at that job until another opportunity arose to work at the Provst House.

The Provst House is located within the grounds of Trinity College, and is the home of the ‘Provst’, the President of the College. Richie’s main responsibility was in charge of the heating system, checking the boilers and stoking the aga.

This job earned him his nickname “AGA DICK” to whom everyone addressed him! Another one of Richie’s roles was to help out at dinner parties and receptions which were held regularly by ‘The Provst’ for special guests and dignitaries.

This is where Richie met many famous people whilst taking their coats and serving them drinks. Some that he vividly remembers was our own President at the time Mr. Sean T. O’Kelly. He also met President Eamonn DeValera on many occasions, and even tried on his famous hat when ‘Dev’ left it in the cloakroom!

He also recalls meeting Princess and actress Grace Kelly, and recalls helping her on and off with her cloak. Richie also met Astronaut Neil Armstrong and remembers shaking his hand. 

Richie met many politicians both national and international. He had many a meeting with Brendan Kennelly, an Irish Poet and Novelist who was a professor in the college at that time. Richie would also have served at many of the ‘Trinity Balls’ which take place to date.

Richie has some great memories of Trinity College for which he still has a great love, and is very proud of being part of it.

Richie worked for 40 years, until he was 59 years. He had to make the decision to leave due to poor health.’

Richie’s journey through Trinity College is a testament to the power of dedication, friendship, and the deep connections we forge throughout life.

Stay tuned for more chapters of inspiration during National Heritage Week!

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