A gift of art to treasure at Dunlavin! ?️?

We’re thrilled to share a truly special piece of art that has found its home at Dunlavin Home, and it comes with a heartwarming story. 

Our incredibly talented healthcare assistant, Basil Chako, gifted us a stunning painting that brings to life the iconic Market House in Dunlavin Village. 

This beautiful masterpiece holds not only the vibrant colours and intricate details of the Market House but also the care, dedication, and love that Basil poured into every brushstroke. What used to be a fire station is now a local library.

Through Basil’s artistry, he has gifted us not just a painting but a connection to the past and a touch of the present that’s truly priceless. A heartfelt thank you to Basil for his incredible gesture and for sharing his artistic vision with us. Your painting has enriched our Dunlavin home in more ways than words can express.

#ArtFromTheHeart #DunlavinTreasures #SilverStreamCreates

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