Your Way Of Life

At Silver Stream Healthcare Group we place emphasis on key areas which aim to improve your overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Autonomy and Independence

We encourage you to exercise choice and control over your way of life within the home, and strive to enable you to retain your autonomy and independence in accordance with your wishes.

Our care practices reflect a person centred approach to care. We encourage individuality and self-sufficiency, and strive to promote you as an equal partner in your care.

To promote resident choice:

  • Our policies provide clear communication and information processes to facilitate your right to choice.
  • Our care practices enable and protect your autonomy and independence.
  • You are offered choice to participate in recreational activities.
  • You are offered the opportunity to bring your personal possessions to the home.
  • You are offered choice to interact socially with staff, other residents an visitors.
  • Your choices relating to your preferred term of address are respected.
  • You may handle your own finances for as long as you wish, and are able to do so.

Privacy and Dignity

All of our care practices are person centred and designed to respond to a range of individual needs and preferences. We strive to ensure that your privacy, dignity and modesty are respected at all times.

We place emphasis on maintaining your social contact and encourage you and your family to become involved in the home’s community and activities of daily life, provided you are happy to do so.

We respect your wish to spend time alone.

We ensure that staff are conscious of your need for privacy and respect your choices in relation to entering your bedroom and providing assistance when you are using the bath or shower room.

We strive to ensure that your privacy and dignity is respected whist receiving assistance with personal care, including dressing and undressing.

We respect your right to privacy during examinations by healthcare professionals and through discretion when discussing medical conditions or treatment needs.

It is understood that lapses are unacceptable, even when staff are working under pressure. If you feel your privacy and dignity is being compromised then it is important that you let a member of your care team, or someone you feel comfortable with know. Our open door policy is conducive to ensuring that your issues are recognised and responded to within the shortest possible time frame.


One of the key tenets that drives all of our efforts is resident choice. We strive to provide you with choice in your care and your way of life, where possible.

Adopting the principles of person centred care we speak with you, and your family and friends, to compile an accurate representation of your individual preferences for healthcare, social care, social contact, personal development, leisure, living environment and daily routine.

This information allows us to get to know you as a person, rather than a collection of medical symptoms, moving away from a clinical medical model of care toward a greater of responsiveness to your social care needs.

To promote choice it is important that you:

• Have choices regarding your care and care planning.
• Have choices regarding when to rise and retire.
• Have choices in regarding you diet and the food you eat.
• Have choices regarding exercising and taking part in activities.
• Have choices regarding who has access to your personal information.
• Have choices regarding your finances.


Once comprehensive information has been collected and included in your care plan an assessment tool is used to determine your wellbeing against the principles of person centred care.

The assessment measures your quality of life in the residential care environment. Based on the outcome of the assessment, measures may be put in place to ensure that your needs and being met, with a view to continuously improving your wellbeing during your stay.

These measures may include additional staff hours, training, an individually tailored activities programme, introduction of assistive equipment or additional support and assistance from your Care Team.

Way Of Life

We continuously strive to ensure that your routines of daily life, and activities, are flexible and varied to suit your expectations, preferences, previous interests and your capabilities as outlined in your Care Plan.

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